Month: February 2012

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Hello everyone, I hope that you are checking in with this new communication format.  I am going to cancel the 4pm yoga class at the studio and the 6pm and 7:30pm classes at the school of architecture today due to weather.  I am going to head home and stay safe.  See you tomorrow on the mat.


practice, cleanse, practice

I read a good article in Oprah magazine today by Dr. Oz.  Some of you may roll your eyes and others may nod in acknowledgement.  I was reminded about some simple foods to add to my diet this week to help support my organs and digestive system in detoxifying my body.  Check out the March issue for some great organizing ideas and this simple cleanse. Or email me if you would like the details.

This week I will give myself permission to slow down and truly welcome all that arises.  Join us on the mat tomorrow at 8:30am and/or 4pm.

Bring a guest this week to yoga and share the grace and beauty of yoga.

See you on the mat, Denise


“I utilize skillful empathy in situations that provoke me.” Nourishing the Teacher”, danny arguetty.

Today, for the second day in a row, I asked to keep the space around me sacred and free from conflict. I spoke up and, with all the compassion that is in me, I requested that conflict stop or that it remove itself.  It was done. There is quiet. I bring this quiet to the mat today.  Step into this moment with me on the yoga mat at 6pm and share a prayer of kindness and compassion. See you on the mat, Metta’, Denise.

Ongoing dialogue

I like this new design to the website.  I can post notes here on the front page to communicate what is happening in the moment.  It is 2:28pm and I am thinking nap (it is reading week) then yoga at 4:00pm at the studio.  I hope to see you there. Denise

Graceful beginnings:

Start the day off with yoga, Wednesday 8:30am yoga with Sarah. Come as our guest or use up an expired class pass and enjoy bringing special awareness to the initial moments of your yoga practice, focusing attention on the body, then on the mind, and finally on the breath. With Sarah’s gentle guidance find grace in the subtlety of breath, movement and mindfulness.  If this is your first class with us arrive a few minutes early to orient yourself to the studio and prepare for a luxurious yoga experience.  See you on the mat, Denise

Good morning

It is fresh and crisp outside and toasty warm in the new studio this am.  Sarah is teaching at 8:30am this morning.  It is reading week, so no classes at Conestoga or the School of Architecture.  Watch for our grand opening, coming soon, special classes, prizes and lots of yoga fun.

Classes running this week, February 21 – 24, include:
8:30am with Sarah Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4:00pm with Denise Wednesday
6:00pm with Denise Thursday

May you be happy,


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