Month: October 2012


A level 1 samāsa yoga class is generally gentle, starting with svasana, centring, intention setting, warming up movements that include influences from Somatics, Feldenkris, Alexander Technique, and classical Hatha Yoga. Once the body is warm and the muscles are prepared we shift to seated, kneeling, standing, supine and inverted traditional yoga poses.  We end our practice with relaxation, guided visualization, rotation of consciousness or guided breathing exercises and quite reflection.

A level 2 samāsa yoga class has a similar format but will ask that we explore holding the classic poses a little longer and the syllabus of postures expands to include vinyasa flows that assist in developing the strength and flexibility to progress to the more intermediate and advance yoga postures.

A level 3 samāsa yoga class includes all of the above and may, from time to time, include advanced asana progressions, advanced pranayama and other more esoteric yogic practices such as yoga nidra, transcendental meditation techniques and/or cleansing techniques. Some experience with yoga is suggested for this level of program and students may expect to make periodic practice commitments.

It is recommended that students who would like to apply for yoga teacher training attend 6 months of Samāsa level 3 classes or a combination of classes that includes some classes at level 3.


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