Month: May 2015

That’s Life

constance dickson yoga teacher training school graduate

Tuesday Jan 27/15 a date that will probably be locked into the recesses of my brain forever, the day I was knocked over by a kid on a crazy carpet and in a instant  my life changed forever!   Within a blink of an eye, I was catapulted back to infancy, hardly able to put one foot in front of the other, much less able to do anything for myself.   In that moment came the realization that the small things in life became the big things in life.

Sitting in the emergency room with my loving husband beside me, I realized I had to go to the bathroom.    I said “Honey you’re going to have to come with me because I can’t pull my pants down by myself. “   So off we went to the bathroom together under the watchful eyes of all the other patient’s in the waiting room who looked at us questioningly.

So that was the beginning of my journey of convalescence with a fracture of my left proximal humerus (upper arm) which ironically led me to many wonderful insights and revelations over the next many weeks.   I spent much of my time sitting upright in the lazy boy because lying down was just too painfully difficult.  Daytime TV just didn’t interest me so much of my time was spent in contemplation or meditation but because of my ritual of daily meditation I had no difficulty adopting this pass time.  I learned to live in the present moment.  The past was over, the future hadn’t arrived yet and all I had was the present moment and it was a gift.  What did I do with this gift?  I was able to read the books I have been wanting to read and some I had wanted to reread as well.   I was actually quite content to just sit and just heal.

Like a small child my life had become all about milestones.   After 3-4 days, I was able to manage in the bathroom all by myself!  Whew! More progress when we were finally able to remove the shirt I had worn for three days because it had to go over my head!  Because the break was so close to my shoulder, there was no cast and luckily it was beginning to heal by itself so no surgery was necessary.

Nights were long and arduous since I was only able to sleep for a few hours lying down then having to ask my husband to help me get up into the lazy boy chair since sitting upright was the most comfortable.  I have never been able to take much medication because it always seem to have some negative effect or other on my body.  My husband and I had many heated discussions on how I should be taking the pain medication that was prescribed.  Reluctantly I took one at bedtime which did help me sleep longer but it left me feeling like a zombie until 4 o’clock in the afternoon.   So I decided to practice what I preach.  I was always telling my yoga students that when you are in a pose and your thigh or calf or some other body part is just killing you, SEND your breath there!   So that is what I did!   Whenever I felt any discomfort in my arm I sent my breath there and low and behold, IT WORKED!!!  Coupled with lots of Reiki applied by myself most of my convalescing was spent feeling very mellow and relaxed.  This method also worked wonders when physio Bill was putting me through my paces!

I was truly missing my daily yoga practice, so I decided to do my practice in my head.   What I found was that I felt just as energized and calm after as if I had done the actual physical practice!

As the weeks marched on I slowly started doing a few poses with lots of breathing into different areas of my body especially my upper arm all the while visualizing myself doing the full expression of the pose.  I can say with great conviction that yoga helped me immensely on my healing journey.

Fast forward to 16 weeks later.   I have finished my stint at physio but I continue to do range of motion exercises everyday and continue to see more progress week by week.   Yoga and meditation has helped me so much on my journey and continues to do so.    Week by week as I continue to practice, I can see that I am able to stretch a little farther with each pose practiced.    At this point I can honestly say with great conviction and love  “THANK YOU YOGA!”

Constance Dickson, RPN CPTN OFC CYA 500
Graduate 500 hour Atlas Yoga Teacher Trainer

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