Atlas Outdoor Adventure Club

atlas outdoor adventure clubatlas outdoor adventure clubatlas outdoor adventure club

4 Season Open Air Studio
New Schedule coming soon! Fall 2013

Classes run regardless of the weather!    (except Lightening)

Cambridge – TBA
Kitchener – Victoria Park – Ivana
Waterloo – Waterloo Park – Kurtis



Programs include:

  • Sork Fitness – baby & me programs for running, muscle conditioning and getting back into pre-baby shape.
  • Zoomer Fitness – fitness for all ages and fitness levels, maintain or improve your fitness by spending time outdoors with walking, jogging and light conditioning.
  • Sound Off – want to get ripped or ready to compete? This boot camp style workout is the program for you. Inspired by Conestoga fitness guru, Colleen Holmes, this military style workout is not for the faint of heart.
  • Triathalon/Ironman/woman training
  • Cirque d’ Yoga – Let’s play! Like to get upside down? Want to work on hardcore abs? Join us outdoors for a summer of fun of the bendy sort.
  • Red Bull Yoga – get energized and without the jitters of caffeine.  Through breath work, traditional postures and deep relaxation – recharge your batteries.  Warning….may improve your sex life!
  • Breathwalk – a walking and breathing program that has the capability of producing an overall “signature of wellness” within the body by changing the rhythms at the systemic and the cellular levels, thereby affecting our heart rhythm, visual focus, muscle balance, brain activity patterns, and moods. There are four main areas of benefit in Breathwalking: (1) it provides us with a greater level of energy and awareness; (2) it nutures elevated, positive moods; (3) it refines our mental quality–mental clarity without conflict, greater intuitive capacity, a focused, neutral state of mind, and enhanced learning and creativity; and (4) it provides with a greater state of connectedness with our true selves, with nature, with humanity, with all that exists.

For Schedules click the city you want to workout in or  see the drop down menu under this tab.

How does outdoor exercise differ in terms of health benefits from the gym or indoor exercise?


The greatest thing about being outdoors, no matter where you are, is the diverse terrain. This challenges our body to move in ways it was designed to. When you’re running or working out on a trail, you often move side-to-side, up and down, and diagonally. This helps us gain muscle and strengthens the joints. Kinesthetic Awareness is when we know where we are in space and time. Having that control will help us move and age gracefully.

The quality of outdoor air is much cleaner than indoor air by two to three times. That’s 75% cleaner than indoor air. Beyond that, the biophilia effect suggests there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems (plants and animals). Our genetic code tells us we need to be connected. When we get away from it, we don’t feel well.

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Atlas Yoga Studio
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