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Ayurveda reminds the postmodern person of a time when her internal climate mirrored her external climate in a language she could intuit and add to. A time when she was, in a word, possessed by nature and its evident rhythms. This experience is still within us, but is now starved for attention. Ayurveda treats the ancient person within. (Click here to find out more)

Common Uses For Yoga

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Yoga obviously has many useful applications.  It is a multifaceted discipline which extends far beyond meditation.  This section includes articles which discuss the multiple uses for yoga.  Click here to find out more.

Yoga For Children

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Yoga for children can include asanas—physical postures, pranayama—breathing practices, kriyas—cleansing techniques, dhyana meditation techniques and yoga nidra —relaxation training and yields a positive effect in the management of stress. (Click here to find out more…)

Meditation and Healing

Prenatal Yoga

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Shamanism is used to help release or overcome trauma, heal the body/mind/spirit, find inner strength, and to commune with nature. (Click here to read more…)

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