Everyday Nectar: Ayurveda in Daily Life


Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.  Although suppressed during years of foreign occupation, Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in both its native land and throughout the world.

– The Chopra Center

This 40-hour training program is especially designed for yoga teachers, holistic health care practitioners, and anyone who is interested in knowing more about Ayurveda and everyday life.


matthew remski ayurveda teacher

Course instructor Matthew Remski is an insightful teacher, who masterfully articulates the breath and complexity of this ancient science.


“What Is Ayurveda?”

• It is the naturopathy of yoga, “sister” to yoga, “mother” to yoga, sharing yoga’s tradition and language

• If you seek yoga as a therapy, ayurveda provides an empowered medicine to support it

• With Ayurveda, we use sensual (accessible) data to find the causes of imbalance: it provides a way of seeing and making healthful connections

Who Is This Course For?

  • • Teachers and students of yoga who wish to further support their Yoga knowledge with Ayurvedic lifestyle. (contributes towards 500hour YTT)
    • Members of the public who wish to learn about and practice Ayurvedic lifestyle

What Students Get:

  • • Notes for all classes, along with references for subsequent study.
    • Access to our online quizzing system
    • Access to our online Q&A forum
    • Optional homework and contemplative tasks each week.
    • The opportunity to learn about and taste common Ayurvedic compounds for digestion, colon health, and seasonal
    • Common recipes for doshic balance and cleansing.
    • The opportunity to sample standard massage oils for doshic balancing.
    • Demonstrations of nasal irrigation and nasya application
    • e-­‐mail support

Required texts:

ayurveda the science of self healing

prakriti your ayurvedic constitution by dr robert e svoboda

Twelve weekly classes. 12 “homework” suggestions. 12 contemplation

  • For certification tract: 12 online quizzes
  • Since the basis of Ayurvedic lifestyle is svadhyaya (study of self and root-­texts) each class will begin with 75 minutes of theoretical overview.
  • Since theory is best learned through immediate practice, the third quarter of each class will introduce an aspect of Ayurvedic lifestyle to be practiced over the following week. These homework assignments will generate discussion and question-­‐and-­‐answer for the following week’s class.
  • Since practice is best enriched through jnana (wisdom), the fourth quarter of each class will introduce a topic suggested for dharana (concentration) through the following week. This is in keeping with traditional Ayurvedic training, in which Vaidyas are required to meditate on the various tattvas and principles in order to personalize their learning and enhance their intuition.

What others are saying about Matthew…. 

 In a world that too often emphasizes busy work schedules, imbalance and disconnection, I found that Everyday Nectar offered concrete and practical ways to retune my awareness towards health and wholeness.   I think it would be impossible to be unchanged by the course learning.  There are opportunities to make the simple adjustments in your day-to-day experience that may have significant health benefits.  Matthew is a caring, knowledgable teacher that creates space for a warm, nourishing inquiry into how ayurveda can positively support our human experience.

– Kelly Anderson, MD

 Matthew’s vast knowledge, biting insight and irreverent humour ignite this introduction to Ayurveda. He takes an ancient practice and makes it new again, banging Caraka up against Merleau-Ponty, traditional wisdom against the sparks of intuition, human-made constructs against nature’s pulse, in a rich and compelling study of what it means to live with awareness and integrity in the world. If you let it, this course will touch all aspects of your life, from the pattern of your days to your understanding of yourself and your relationships.   – Alix Bemrose, RYT-500

 Everyday Nectar with Matthew is a life affirming, life enhancing, and life changing experience. The wisdom shared is rich, deeply relevant for our time, and of practical use for anyone on the path. The material is presented with reverence, dedication and abundant creativity.

– Gary Kezar

 Everyday Nectar with Matthew Remski is an in depth, comprehensive first step into the world of Ayurveda. It sets the student up with a strong enough foundation of knowledge and experience to then explore the subtle nature of your their own inner health. I thank Matthew for helping me deepen the relationship between myself and my environment.

– Steve Ferrell

 The Everyday Nectar course with Matthew has opened an oceanic world of insightful information for me.  The wealth of Ayurvedic principles, knowledge and integrating lifestyle practices presented, has initiated a deeper awareness of my body’s inner intelligence, beneficial change and a loving relationship with self.  It’s a true blessing and has made a positive impact in my life.  I’m looking so forward to diving deeper.

– Nadia Vallescura

Matthew brings a rare intelligence and poetic sensibility to his teaching of Ayurveda. Always attentive to modern applications and contemporary context, his classes encompass a riveting dialogue between different times, places and ways of knowing. He makes Ayurveda feel at once intuitive and familiar, while at the same time, offering it as a way think about and experience the the world in radical new ways.

– Katherine Friesen



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