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Below you will find a table of contents for our yoga blogs written by the teachers at Atlas Studio, university students, yoga teachers in training and other  experts in the field of yoga and all things related to yoga.  Our mission….to expand and make available knowledge about yoga and the healing arts.  Please have a look and share your feedback with us – we are interested in knowing who you are and what you think about yoga  🙂

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That’s Life | by: Constance Dickson, RPN CPTN OFC CYA 500 Hour Atlas Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Excerpt: “Tuesday Jan 27/15 a date that will probably be locked into the recesses of my brain forever, the day I was knocked over by a kid on a crazy carpet and in a instant  my life changed forever!   Within a blink of an eye, I was catapulted back to infancy, hardly able to put one foot in front of the other, much less able to do anything for myself.   In that moment came the realization that the small things in life became the big things in life.”


blake griffin yoga stretching small

The Benefits Of Yoga For Basketball | by: Nick Lau

Excerpt: “The article will use perspectives of current players such as LeBron James, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Love, as well as former stars, such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Shaquille O’Neal, and their experience of yoga and why they participated in the art for most, if not their entire career.”

sucrose molecule

The Carbon Cycle | by: Terry Stainton

Excerpt: “We know that animals inhale air to get Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide back.  Plants on the other hand consume Carbon Dioxide and return Oxygen.
This is very convenient, for both plants and animals…”


krista blakelock 3 doula prenatal yoga instructorHere’s To Small Successes | by: Krista Blakelock

Excerpt: “I’m exhausted this morning and am trying hard to think positively about going to teach mom and peanut yoga. Reluctantly, I decide to be nice to myself and take the bus instead of walking…”

Krista Blakelock - doula

Inspired Yoga Teachers | by: Krista Blakelock

Excerpt: “When I was in a class I truly felt that I should push further, hold the pose longer, fold deeper and do the most extreme variation of the options demonstrated; but within, my mind was never sincerely connecting to my body…”


partner yoga atlas studio cambridgeLibido & Partner Yoga | by: Denise Davis-Gains

Excerpt: “This ancient practice encourages responding to the world and not reacting to it and gives us the tools to accomplish this astonishingly complex task. Less anger and resentment can lead to more love and compassion.”

Green Smoothie - Yumm

The Green Pages | Denise’s Whole Food Green Smoothie Recipe

Amanda Raynor Human v2.0

There’s “Exercise” And Then There’s “Movement” | by Amanda Raynor, BEd

Excerpt: “So many of us thought that going to the gym before or after work meant that we’d be healthy.  Nope.  The question now becomes, what can we do to change this?”


knitting yarn

Trikonasana | by: Krista Blakelock

Excerpt: “In French, the verb “to knit” is “tricoter.” In Sanskrit, triangle pose is called “Trikonasana.” For some reason my brain made this connection and while practicing a flow sequence involving triangle I decided that this pose felt like my knitting meditation.”


Beginner Yoga

Work Efficiency & Hot Yoga Pants | by: Denise Davis-Gains

Excerpt: “…in strengthening the container – the physical body – the ability to manage a variety of experiences is enhanced. Mind, body and spirit are interconnected, when improving the condition of one, all benefit.”


yoga and eating disorders

Yoga and Eating Disorders | by: Laura Wifflin

“Excerpt: This paper takes a look at the problem of eating disorders, and makes an investigation into whether or not yoga can be used as a suitable treatment to add some positive outcome or added benefits to those suffering from eating disorders.”


yoga in mexico with robert fox

Yoga In Mexico | by: Robert Fox

“This year, I decided to offer a yoga class in the Ana Ruth’s hotel, where we live on the roof outdoors.  Bucerias is on the Pacific Ocean just a few miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  The environment here is perfect for yoga.”





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