Nād Yoga: Healing Mantras Workshop – the yoga of sound


Join us for a short workshop on healing mantras & Kirtan experiments in sound.

The yogis say that the ‘sensory’ human lies beyond the mind, and can be awakened and attained through the art of listening and the study of sound. According to the science of Nād yoga, all sound in the Universe can be classified into two categories. The ahad sounds require something to strike something else. These sounds must travel through matter and are the kind of sounds heard by the ears. Anahad sounds, called “the un-struck melody”, refer to the primal creative vibrations beyond audible sound – the hum of the universe that cannot be heard with the ears (for it is out of reach and must be felt with the heart). Access to the anahata chakra (the heart chakra) can be gained through the practice of listening and the sister practices – Mantra, Shabad and Kirtan.

In this workshop we will explore ancient sanskrit mantras that have been used for healing self and others for over 4,000 years.

Free for members, YTT’s, Atlas Volunteers & 30 Day Yoga & Food Challengers
all others suggested donation: 20.00

Get more details or register at info@atlasstudio.com or text 519.240.9642


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