Whats’ New

We are always working on something new and exciting at the studio.  We have inspiring teachers with wonderful ideas about how we can use our space, create our lives and share our gifts with our community.  Here is a short list of what we are currently working on.  We love feedback and can’t wait to hear what you think about our ideas and how you might like to be involved in our community.


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Toronto Yoga Show

Join us at the Toronto Yoga Show & Conference, April 13-15, 2018

Yoga Nidra

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Our very first professionally produced CD will be available in the coming days.  You can pre-order for 20.00 (includes shipping). After release the CD’s will retail for 25.00.  There’re 3 yoga Nidra’s and a restorative yoga class practice on this first recording and we so look forward to sharing it with you! Email transfer 20.00 and be one fo the first to get this awesome resources. info@atlasstudio.com



Into the Mystic: Yoga, Mysticism and the Shamanic Path …..w/ Denise Davis-Gains

an exploration of the mystic practices of yoga and traditional native medicine. Tuesday evenings at 9:15pm – live online – Join us by zoom – watch the Facebook page to get the link for the live class.


Thai Yoga Massage

reflexology foot raindrop technique

Watch for our new workbook for Thai Yoga Massage Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Thai Yoga Massage I – New dates to be posted soon.

Dancemoving meditation

We will be offering an ecstatic dance program this fall called “Soul Dive” …facilitated by the lovely artist in residence, Maya….can’t wait to share her cool dj’ vibes and flowing style of body grooves.  Get ready for this transformative experience, we will rock you! and… watch for the upcoming Yoga Trance Dance Facilitator Training coming soon to the hardwood planks of Atlas Studio!!! Can’t wait to swing your soul into sweet serenity.  Let’s Play!

Peace Initiative 

Click on the link below for a Printable PDF of the upcoming Meditation for International Peace

This is is our 1st annual Mediation for International Peace – join us at the Cambridge Millrace and let’s make history together! A small but interesting group of people gathered to celebrate and meditate on world peace.

Join us next year at the Cambridge Millrace! September 21, 2018


We have had several enquires about meditation in the past few weeks.  We offered meditation in the past with very little support.  We want to know what you are interested in knowing more about and what times of day that a meditation practice might benefit you.  Talk to us.  info@atlasstudio.com or text at 519.240.9642


Flower of Life Yoga & Meditation Retreat….Ok, we are booked for November 21-28, 2018 for Costa Rica, more info about booking to follow shortly!!! Can’t wait to do yoga with you on the beach and in the Jungle!!!


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Our studio schedule is dynamically changing with many community collaborations. Check out what's on for today - on our Contact page


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