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Yoga for Kids

Playful down-time….Calming & Centring….Joy!

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We believe in the teaching through play centered activites the innate nobility of all humanity.  We believe that the yoga studio  is a place where character can and should be developed.  Our teachers are trained to recognize teachable moments and inspire moral development.

Through yoga, children learn how to relax and interact in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. Yoga practice also increases flexibility, strength and muscle tone and helps children to develop space orientation, body awareness, balance and a sense of harmony. Playful kids yoga classes mix games and songs with the physical postures.

Yoga helps kids get in touch with their bodies, strengthen and relax their muscles, and develop coordination, focus, and confidence. We will practice kid-style asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) in a playful, supportive, and safe environment. Through experiential games we introduce the yamas (how to treat others) and the niyamas (how to treat yourself), deepening a child’s sense of respect and awareness. Yoga is universal! It’s not dogmatic – just healthy fun!

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Yoga let’s our soul shine! Practicing yoga from a young age has been known to instil a healthy sense of self confidence and willingness to explore the world.  We hope that you will join us at Atlas Studio.

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