Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

Join Nadia Dusil in an exploration of Yoga, stress & anxiety. Nadia & Q

Mondays at 4- 5:15pm

Anxiety can be debilitating.

Up to one-third of our population will be affected by an anxiety disorder at one point or another in our lives.  It is predicted that by 2030, up to 12 billion work days will be lost to mental illness each year (World Health Organization cited in the Guardian).  Let’s change these statistics with the practice of yoga.  If you find that you are…..

  • Feeling tense, nervous unable to relax
  • A sense of dread, or fearing the worst
  • Wanting lots of reassurance from other people
  • Rumination – thinking a lot about bad experiences, or thinking over a  situation again & again

You may find that yoga can help you feel less stressed or tense, and more relaxed and reassured that you are doing your best.  

Fee: $150 for 10 weeks
(this may be covered by your benefits – check with health care provider)

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