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Libido & Partner Yoga

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by: Denise-Davis Gains, Atlas Studio Owner



Looking to improve your relationship?  There is nothing like partner yoga to hold a mirror up to relationship challenges.  In one of my 1st partner yoga classes I remember the instructor asking us to sit back to back and breath.  I wiggled, he squirmed, and we settled into a position that we could tolerate.  All the while I am thinking, “I wish he would relax and then I could relax.”  I was tense and trying to be supportive, but felt somewhat disconnected.

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Those of you who are savvy to the psychobabble of relationship therapy know that I was exhibiting classic enabling behavior.  “If you are ok, I am ok.”  That may not be your particular relationship poison but it was mine.   This exercise was a big ‘ah ha’ moment for me.  When integrating this particular activity the teacher guided us through an exploration of felt senses and an awareness of relationship connections.

Given the space and guidance to discover how I was feeling, a profound realization came over me as I recognized how I was doing this same thing in many of my primary relationships.

partner yoga atlas studio cambridge


Great benefits can be found in the simple, personal practice of yoga.  Just becoming aware of self and how you feel can deeply affect the ability to communicate love and our personal needs to our life partners, our children and our closest friends.  We can wake up to the relationships that are nurturing and begin to recognize those that are zapping us of essential life energy, potentially bringing more love to both.  Yoga can create an awareness of space, between each breath, between the incessant thoughts of the mind and between polar opposites of feeling and expression.

How is this possible?  Yoga invites us to practice waking up, becoming conscious.


This ancient practice encourages responding to the world and not reacting to it and gives us the tools to accomplish this astonishingly complex task. Less anger and resentment can
lead to more love and compassion.

Can yoga improve your libido (sex drive)?

partner yoga atlas studio cambridge


The practice of yoga asanas, postures or exercises, move the body in such a way as to stimulate the endocrine system.  This is the system of glands and hormones and is
involved in the way we respond to the world.

Balanced hormonal secretion will help to keep the nerve endings coated in the special formulas that ensure that we feel warm and fuzzy as opposed to anxious and distracted.  Sex is much more likely to happen when we are feeling relaxed and safe.



Pranayama or breathing exercises stimulate the elixir of happiness and contentment.  By
encouraging the movement of the intercostal muscles (the muscles between the ribs) the
endocrine system is stimulated.  More good happy drugs enter the system like, endorphins and we feel good.  Many activities can do this, yoga just does it consciously.

partner yoga atlas studio cambridge



Couples who practice yoga together report that they feel more connected to themselves and each other.  If you have been feeling disconnected from your partner find a teacher that you can both relate to and get on the mat together.  You might find that you are experiencing more intimacy very soon. Maybe we could also agree that seeing our guy or girl in hot yoga pants certainly doesn’t hurt!


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