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lululemon yoga mat review 1

Lululemon Yoga Mat Review

Lululemon Yoga Mat Review

lululemon mat yoga review

My background in Fashion Merchandising taught me to look carefully at the companies that I support as a consumer. 

When Lululemon first hit the scene, the company stood up to the most rigorous examination.  As companies progress in the development phases of business sometimes we see a decline in quality as the bottom line begins to demand sacrifices.  The Lululemon yoga mat seems to have withstood the test of time so far.

review by denise davis-gains

While I am not that tall, a mere 5’5”, I still like an extra long yoga mat.  It just feels luxurious and I have room for props and blanket and can still keep it all on the mat.

black lululemon mat yoga reviewThe Lululemon reversible (big) mat is promoted as a “men’s” mat, but I like the solid feel, the dark colour, deep coal black and reasonable price (see Lululemon’s website for current pricing of this mat).

This Lululemon yoga mat was designed to be reversible, extra long and wide for tall yogis and those who like to really stretch out during practice.

The natural rubber base gives plenty of cushioning, great for a classic hatha yoga practice and the polyurethane top layer improves grip during the sweaty practices of hot yoga. We may want to get to class early to claim an extra-large spot, with this mat!

lululemon yoga mat blue review

I am still working with carpel tunnel syndrome in my wrists and the thick rubber construction provides cushioning, making practice on the hands and knees just a little more comfortable. The polyurethane coating stays grippy even in sweaty hot vinyasa 1class.  The most recent update to this mat made it lighter, whew!

The natural rubber has a slight smell, but don’t worry, it seems to fade over time (tip: unroll it and air it out and clean with 10 parts water one part vinegar before you head to class).  There is an antimicrobial additive that helps prevent mold and mildew on the mat.  This mat can be wiped down with warm, mild soapy water. Makes it easy to keep clean and fresh.

lululemon yoga mat review 1

This 5mm thick  Lululemon yoga mat is really a beauty.  I first saw it in a yoga class that I was teaching at the courthouse.  A lawyer who had been using his daughters old mat, showed up last week with this sweet, slick looking number and I had to find out the scoop. 

The Lululemon yoga mat is made of polyurethane, rubber and latex, so if you have allergies to one of those you will need to look for a different yoga mat. I didn’t find the smell strong but some people do report that the smell is offensive like burning rubber.  So if you are sensitive to smells, maybe try a different yoga mat.  Personally, I didn’t notice the smell on first inspection.

If you are looking for a Lululemon yoga mat that is super long and wide and don’t mind the smell of rubber, this is the one for you.




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