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THAI MASSAGE ONE – Explore the Power of Touch


Thai massage is an incredibly dynamic practice that becomes more than just something you “do” – it weaves its way into your life, evolving into a way of living. Its roots in Ayurveda encourage self-reflection and greater self-awareness in terms of physically taking care of ourselves, but also with respect to our individual constitution and how that impacts the decisions and patterns we see throughout our lives.

By moving our own bodies to facilitate wellness in others, we affect ourselves in a positive way – creating an environment that is not solely about giving, but receiving as well. Thai massage is unique in the world of bodywork as there is a major focus on working towards ease and efficiency of body mechanics. This ultimately enhances both the client and the practitioner experience.

This practice doesn’t only have to be about starting a new career or even earning an income: many people take Thai massage training in order to help family members and friends with chronic pain or movement restrictions.

For current bodywork practitioners, energy workers, yogis and other movement therapists, it is an incredible addition to your tool-kit. Numerous yoga teachers have noted that Thai massage has helped them feel so much more comfortable and confident to approach hands-on assists and adjustments in class. Registered Massage Therapists have discovered that their own bodies benefit from Thai massage in a way that allows them to safely practice bodywork for years to come with greater awareness and without injury. Some therapists decide to offer Thai massage as a completely new service, whilst others integrate the principals of this ancient art into their existing practice. Personal trainers and other one-on-one coaches have found huge value in being able to provide effective assisted stretches for their clients at the end of a training session- not only for the deep stretch and release but also for it’s applications in flexibility training.


Whatever your needs or intentions for learning this skill, there is something for everyone. In a touch-deprived society, simply feeling confident and comfortable enough to give compassionate touch to others is a hugely powerful gift. 

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Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner Training


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