Vedic Astrology

The Stars we are born with…

Vedic Astrolgy w/ Sunny Kaushal

Sunny will visit with us and share his deep and fascinating wisdom about the alignment of the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies at the moment of our birth.

The science of Vedic Ashtrology evolved over millenniums and can be an incredible predictor of life trends, career opportunities and resolution of dharma.  Come and sit by the fire and listen to Sunny explain his understanding of this sister science to Ayurveda and yoga.

He usually chooses one person to do a short birth chart reading while he is with us and others can book him for the longer more details version.  Sunny is also an expert gemologist and is know for prescribing gems to mitigate the negative in the birth chart.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Suggested donation: 20.00
(Free for 30 day challengers, Atlas YTT’s/Teachers/Volunteers)


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