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Yoga For Children

Yoga for children can include asanas—physical postures, pranayama—breathing practices, kriyas—cleansing techniques, dhyana meditation techniques and yoga nidra —relaxation training and yields a positive effect in the management of stress.

Yoga practice benefited children by improving hand-eye coordination, attention span, levels of concentration, competitive performance and relaxation. Today’s lifestyle is fast-paced, stressful and breads anxiety. Finding tools to help our children to cope and thrive in this environment is an essential concern for conscious parents and caregivers. The use of yoga for children has diverse applications in maintaining and developing physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health.

It is our intention to bring useful resources related to yoga and children to serve parents, caregivers, teachers, medical professionals, counsellors and academics.

Please have a look below at our list of resource articles below and click on the title of the article to read it.  We sincerely hope you can find what you are looking for.

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“Planting Seeds of Wisdom – Yoga for Young Children” by: Denise Davis-Gains

Yoga For Children

Excerpt: Children, who knew how much fun it could be to have children in my life. While the three wonderful children that chose to come to me have been the most intense spiritual challenge of my life to date, they are also the most incredible gift…(Click here to read more)

 “Yoga For Children” by: Denise Davis-Gains

Yoga For Children 2

Excerpt: Experience has demonstrated to us that yoga is an excellent system for promoting healthy development and can be an incredibly effective means of facilitating wellness in children.  It is noninvasive and its “side effects,” including improved self-esteem, emotional equilibrium, more energy and the ability to self-calm, are completely benign if not totally beneficial…(Click here to read more)

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