Babes in Arms

Join us for a 10-week yoga class series designed just for parents with babes in arms.

Wednesdays 9:30amBeth Murch with Ophelia

Practicing yoga with your baby is an adorable good time & facilitates bonding, relaxation time for you both.  At the same time we begin to reconnect with our body, tone tired muscles and baby begins to develop motor skills.

This 10-week series is $150
To register etransfer your fees to and send Denise an email to confirm space availability.

See you (and your babe) on the mat!


Atlas Yoga Studio
18 Ainslie Street South, Unit B
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
N1R 3K1


Our studio schedule is dynamically changing with many community collaborations. Check out what's on for today - on our Contact page


Director: Denise Davis-Gains
Phone: +1 519-240-9642