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Structure, support, stress relief, social responsibility, creativity, the journey…of yoga…

These qualities infuse not only our name, but also our aspirations, the things we scoured the world and our back yard for and choose consciously those that we promote in our community.  It matters to us how things are made.

Welcome to mindfully designed, built to last products & services – chosen from experience. Happy Shopping!

On Spritual Materialism

Shopping does not entail collecting a lot of information or beauty, but it involves fully appreciating each individual object.  If we really appreciate an object of beauty or admire the function of an object, then we completely identify with it and it is possible to forget the self for a time and just be.  Taste, feel, chew and swallow that one object of beauty, book or sound-track of inspiration or the latest gadget.  Be here now and let’s practice noticing what we tend to collect for the sake of collecting and what we are truly identifying and resonating with.

Shanti Om!


Atlas Yoga Studio
18 Ainslie Street South, Unit B
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
N1R 3K1


Our studio schedule is dynamically changing with many community collaborations. Check out what's on for today - on our Contact page


Director: Denise Davis-Gains
Phone: +1 519-240-9642