Gentle Somatic Yoga

Gentle Somatic classes – our Samāsa style classes are based in the principles of somatic and other research based techniques to release chronic tension (sensory motor amnesia) and to begin to free the body of chronic pain and limited range of motion.  A path to traditional yoga through relearning how to move and create an admits body free from tension, tightness and irritation.

You can always drop in for a class or stay for a few classes to see if this gentle style of yoga is right for you today!

images-3Relieve Pain & Restore flexibility naturally at any Age!!

Athletes improve your performance!

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w/ Cathleen Quesnel

This 2 day workshop will teach you how to overcome physical pain, reduce muscular stress and tension, and recover quickly from injuries. You will learn safe, simple, micro movements known as Somatic Exercises done with a certain level of awareness to restore the nervous system and your body’s basic feeling of comfort and well-being.

Tuition: 150.00
members & atlas yoga teachers: 100.00

The Instructor:

unknownCathie Quesnel received her Hanna Somatic Inspired training with Martha Peterson is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator and movement expert, and the founder of Essential Somatics®.

Sharing her love for somatic exercise is her passion and the best experience is seeing the light come on in a student’s eyes when they realize the difference they are making in their mind, body and spirit when they practice

Cathie is an experienced teacher with well over 1000 hrs of teaching yoga and somatic exercise classes at several wonderful Essex county Yoga & Fitness Studio’s. She listens to, or observes the participants and adjusts each class to include everyone, all levels, ages; sizes and shapes are welcome in her classes.

Be ready to laugh, learn and share! Open Your Heart & Open Your Mind.



Certified Yoga Teacher (2013)
Certified Yoga Warriors International Teacher (2013)
Certified Somatic Exercise Coach Level 1 (2014)
Certified Somatic Exercise Coach Level 2 (2015)

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