Integrative Breathwork – an experiential workshop

Join us Saturday, April 6, 2019breath work
1-5pm for an experience of the breath.
Investment: 49.00

Integrated breathing works on the principal that there is a direct connection between the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well being and the breath. The use of breathing techniques produces a self-generated altered state of consciousness that can be used as a healing tool.

Integrated Breath therapy is a highly personal, experiential process that uses specific breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stresses. This is a safe and proven method of utilizing simple breathing practices to quickly and easily enter into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This trance state allows unconscious and previously repressed thoughts and emotions to rise to the surface for release and integration.

Our facilitators are trained to support individual and group experiences in a safe and restorative environment. The breath can integrate it all.

Join us for this afternoon exploration of an ancient breathing technique that gets extraordinary results. Leave with a tool that you can use anytime to integrate the ups & downs of life.

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What are the origins of Breathwork?

Accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness for healing and connecting with the universe is an ancient spiritual practice in both Eastern and Western traditions. The mystical branches of traditional world religions include Sufism (born out of Islam), Yoga Practice (found in Hinduism, Jainism and other Eastern Religious traditions), Meditation (Buddhism and another traditions), Christian Mysticism, Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalism), and Shamanism. Deep breathing and rhythmic vibrations have long been used, in many cultures and in a variety of ways, as catalysts to access altered states. Ceremonial dancing, drumming, singing, chanting, yogi breathing have all been used, not only to receive guidance, but to celebrate life and our relationship to the universe. Like many inner practices and processes, Breathwork helps to develop our multi-sensory abilities and to open the door to unlimited potential and possibility.

How did it evolve into what is known as “Integrative Breathwork” now?

Integrative Breathwork is a transformational tool developed by Jacquelyn Small after working for six years with Stan Grof, the scientific researcher and psychiatrist who created Holotropic Breathwork. (While Integrated Breathwork is similar to Holotropic Breathwork, Integrative Breathwork engages in less bodywork.) Jacquelyn developed the psycho-spiritual group process of Intergrative Breathwork to help people deepen into the essential therapeutic aspects of healing that the experience reveals/facilitates. Small points out, “We cannot work on what we are not aware of, and what we are not aware of can prevent us from healing and knowing what is true.”

How does it work?

Integrative Breathwork is essentially a breathing meditation that quiets the mind to allow us to journey to deeper, transpersonal realms of consciousness. The meditation uses rhythmic breathing, which is led by the instructor and flows through the energetic system of the body. The sonic waves of the breath help to stimulate the energy centres of the mind/body/spirit and bring to conscious awareness what needs to be acknowledged, integrated, healed. The combination of conscious breathing and partner support in maintaining a safe container aids in allowing the self to enter into a state of altered consciousness. This sacred process is like conscious dreaming. The main thing to remember is that this process is invitational and we are always in control with our readiness to let go or not. The intensity is up to the individual.

What will happen during a Breathwork experience?

There are four possible journeys or realms of consciousness that are often experienced while doing Breathwork. During the process you may enter one or more of the following “bands” of consciousness:  sensory, biographical, perinatal, or transpersonal.

The sensory band of consciousness is entirely physical and invites the body to release on a cellular level through the five senses. You may feel nothing or you may feel intense pain in areas of previous injury (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional). Some people experience tetany, the semi-paralyzed feeling – generally in the hands and sometime the feet as well, affectionately often referred to as the “lobster claw”.  This is due to the changes in carbon dioxide and oxygen in the brain and is temporary and metaphysically

In the biographical band one can view anything that is before, during and after childbirth, through the life cycle and beyond to future lives – the akashic records

The perinatal experience is comprised of four stages of the birth process, pre-birth (choosing parents), this can be either your personal birth, or it can be you giving birth.

In the transpersonal band one experiences anything beyond the physical or ego reality –archetypal, mythical, shapeshifting, or a spiritual awakening. This entire process is professionally facilitated in a sacred space of unconditional love and support.

What happens after the Breathwork meditation?

Following this inner journey you are invited to journal your experience by drawing mandalas or writing your story. Mandalas are pictures in which a mystical experience is drawn within a circle. This process helps integrate the experience in a way that brings at least part of the journey to physical form. The mandalas are used for sharing in group process to help integrate your experience with waking reality. This symbolic artwork helps to capture a snapshot of your soul that can keep speaking to you long after the workshop.

The Breathwork experience helps to move us from the external world and relative truth to the internal world, where we develop our inner-sight and reaffirm our connection with the “all that is” and ultimate truth. We are creatures of both ego and soul and we often crave balance, connection, and love in our lives.  This work is an invitation to wake up and take the journey back to our truth! This work is part of an evolutionary psycho-spiritual therapeutic and experiential approach that doesn’t conflict with any belief system. It complements any other therapy or practice. It is universal and all-loving.


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