Integrated Breathwork – an experiential workshop

Join us Saturday, March 24, 2018breath work
1-5pm for an experience of the breath.
Investment: 49.00

Integrated breathing works on the principal that there is a direct connection between the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical well being and the breath. The use of breathing techniques produces a self-generated altered state of consciousness that can be used as a healing tool.

Integrated Breath therapy is a highly personal, experiential process that uses specific breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stresses. This is a safe and proven method of utilizing simple breathing practices to quickly and easily enter into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This trance state allows unconscious and previously repressed thoughts and emotions to rise to the surface for release and integration.

Our facilitators are trained to support individual and group experiences in a safe and restorative environment. The breath can integrate it all.

Join us for this afternoon exploration of an ancient breathing technique that gets extraordinary results. Leave with a tool that you can use anytime to integrate the ups & downs of life.

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